My view on Scottish independence is I am 1000% for the disintegration of the United Kingdom — and the humiliation of the English nation in particular. Maybe you won’t eat shit tomorrow, but you’ll get what you deserve eventually.

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The Specials - Ghost Town

Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?
We danced and sang as the music played in any boomtown

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" It’s no credit to this enormously rich country that there are more oppressive, less decent governments elsewhere. We claim superiority of our institutions. We ought to live up to our own standards, not use misery elsewhere as an endless source of self-gratification and justification. Of course, people tell me all the time in the West that they are trying, they are trying hard. Some have tears in their eyes and let me know how awful they feel about the way our poor live, our blacks, or those in dozens of other countries. People can cry much easier than they can change, a rule of psychology people like me picked up as kids on the street. "
by James Baldwin, "James Baldwin Back Home" by Robert Coles (via lastuli)

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Old Palestinian poster about Sabra and Shatila massacre : “despite the massacres , we born again”

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" Peace cannot exist without equality; this is an intellectual value desperately in need of reiteration, demonstration, and reinforcement. The seduction of the word itself—peace—is that it is surrounded by, indeed drenched in, the blandishments of approval, uncontroversial eulogizing, sentimental endorsement. The international media (as has been the case recently with the unsanctioned war in Iraq) uncritically amplifies, ornaments, and unquestioningly transmits all this to vast audiences for whom peace and war are spectacles for delectation and immediate consumption. It takes a good deal more courage, work, and knowledge to dissolve words like ‘war’ and ‘peace’ into their elements, recovering what has been left out of peace processes that have been determined by the powerful, and then placing that missing actuality back in the center of things, than it does to write prescriptive articles for ‘liberals,’ à la Michael Ignatieff, that urge more destruction and death for distant civilians under the banner of a benign imperialism. The intellectual is perhaps a kind of countermemory, with its own counterdiscourse that will not allow conscience to look away or fall asleep. "
by Edward Said, Humanism and Democratic Criticism (2004)

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 “ When the martyrs go to sleep, I wake up, and I tell them, ‘May you wake up on a homeland, made of clouds and anxious of love.’ ”

 Painted on the side of a Shatila Mosque

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Brown Skin, White Masks by Hamid Dabashi (Page 18)

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Sabra and Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp, Beirut, Lebanon, 1993

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Propagandhi - Things I Like

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By Anas Salameh. Palestinian Artist from Al Yarmouk Refugee Camp. 

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